What is EDUniverse? 

If you want to learn about the latest innovations in education communications and marketing, you've come to the right place. EDUniverse is a hub where professionals can find inspiration, share solutions, and build their networks.

EDUniverse was designed and built by mStoner (if you don't know us, we're a marketing and communications agency that works with schools, colleges, and universities). Those of us who work in and with higher education -- marketers, social media strategists, interface or print designers, PR people, alumni relations staff, admissions professionals, and others -- know that the best way to help our community get smarter is to share ideas, insights, and inspiration with each other. This is a strong community value -- and it’s what EDUniverse is all about.

Why did we create EDUniverse?

mStoner has a long history of sharing our insights with others and our peers and colleagues throughout higher ed share that inclination. But our observations and ideas are scattered across the blogosphere, Twitter, Slideshare, and many other places. We at mStoner decided we couldn’t be the only ones who wished we could access and share that great thinking in a single location. We hope that EDUniverse can solve that problem by serving as a hub for these ideas.

 Who can use EDUniverse? Who can contribute?

Anyone can use EDUniverse to learn about current thinking and find out what solutions might have worked for others. You can explore broad topics such as “admissions” or “social media” or more focused issues like “How are other colleges using Facebook?”

By creating a profile, you can share content such as posts from your blog, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and Slideshare accounts, or upload content like video and white papers directly to EDUniverse. You can also tag, “like,” and comment on content shared by others.

By “liking” and commenting on content shared on the site, you and fellow EDUniverse members endorse thought-provoking ideas and noteworthy posts or presentations, pushing the most relevant, valuable content to the home page and other featured areas of the site. So you’re not just a contributor to EDUniverse, you’re also a curator.

As you scan the list of EDUniverse participants, you'll notice it includes people who work for mStoner’s competitors. That's the way it should be: We're all part of the community, we’re all committed to strengthening education, and we all benefit from sharing ideas with each other.

What is mStoner's role in EDUniverse? 

We conceived and built the site. Staff at mStoner share, manage, and curate content on EDUniverse on behalf of the education community. But mostly, we’re community members here: posting, sharing, liking, and commenting just like everyone else.

Does mStoner make tons of money from the advertising on EDUniverse?  

We wish! We offer sponsorships solely to support EDUniverse. By sponsoring EDUniverse, organizations help this site to keep running and allow mStoner staff to improve and add to the functionality, usability, and design of the site.

If you are interested in being a sponsor of EDUniverse please contact Mallory Wood, Director of Marketing. 

There is always a disclaimer...

We welcome participation, interaction, comments, and feedback from community members. However, mStoner, Inc., is not responsible for comments or postings made by EDUniverse visitors, nor do those comments in any way reflect the opinions of mStoner or its staff members. And members who post content on EDUniverse retain the rights to that content.

There are a few simple rules for EDUniverse, as noted here

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