August 2014 Stats

Welcome back students! This month saw an increase in iOS and mobile traffic with a (nearly) equal drop in Windows traffic. August also resulted in a huge traffic spike to our m.nd.edu (and native apps) properties. ND.edu Traffic 706,337 views … Conti

Branding rules in Cornell’s ‘breaking the rules’ campaign for engineering

Cornell Engineering’s Brand Ambassador Kit focuses on “breaking the rules” Maybe it’s because I work at a STEM-focused university where engineering has been a big deal for nearly 150 years. Or maybe it’s because I’m a ge

What Would Digital-First Advancement Look Like?

In Spring 2014, the New York Times Digital Innovation report presented a compelling assessment of the challenges facing the paper in light of increasing competition from digital news sources. Readers of the report quickly realized that its analysis of the

Friday Five: Review: The Innovation Book

There’s no shortage of books and articles and blogs about innovation. In fact, the term itself has become such a junk word that I hesitate to bring it up. But I asked Max McKeown for a copy of his latest book, The Innovation Book, which was releas

Starting at Friends’ Central School

Two weeks ago I started work as the Digital and Social Media Specialist at Friends’ Central School in Wynnewood, PA (a western suburb of Philadelphia). It has been a thrilling first two weeks. While I’m still adjusting to the role and becoming
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