Responsive Web Design Workshop

Portland skyline. Photo by HighEdWeb. For this year’s annual HighEdWeb conference in Portland, OR, I was asked to give a post-conference workshop on Responsive Web Design. Needless to say, it’s a pretty broad topic to attempt to cover in just t

New Study: How CRMs Are Shaping Higher Education

The American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) released a new report today about the use of Constituent Relationship Management systems (CRMs) in higher education to support full lifecycle management. Lifecycle managem

Reframing Disability Identity on Campus

Wednesday, November 5th at 1:00pm ET Broadcasted over Google Plus, On-Air Hangout Conversation: #HigherEdLive If student affairs divisions were to reframe disability from a medical/deficit model to an inclusive social action/identity model, how would tha

Paranormal activity in social media [repost]

In the spirit of the Halloween season, I’m reposting something from a year ago. Enjoy. With Halloween approaching, we’ll soon see kids (and more than a few adults) dressed up as their favorite scary creatures. All manner of make-believe zombies

Advancement Live: Excelling in Your Advancement Career

Interested in a higher education fundraising career? Already in development and looking for some career insights? In this edition of Advancement Live (air date 10/28), AJ Davidson, Senior Development Recruiter at the University of Virginia chats with host
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