Getting Started with Big Data

For decades, Advancement shops have served their institutions well by extracting maximum value from a very limited set of data. We have worked effectively with data points related to the student experiences of alumni — class year, degree type, area o

Part 2: A New Approach To Digital Fundraising

In my last post, I discussed how we crowdsourced short video entries from University of Virginia students showcasing an individual display of talent. From these submissions, we selected 12 finalists for a Digital Talent Show competition that functioned as

Make Social Media Part of a Strategy, Not the Only Strategy: A Case Study

"Can you post this on social media?"This is a question I get asked a lot (and sometimes it's more of a statement than a question). A lot of people ask me to do this because they are trying to accomplish something and have people take some kind of action li

To Post or Not to Post, That is the Question

A surprisingly common refrain we hear from admissions offices is "We take a hands-off approach when it comes to social media". We most often hear it in reference to Facebook Class of 20XX Groups. The Logic of the Hands-Off Approach The logic of the Hands-O

Admitted Student Communities

In this episode of Admissions Live, host Nicole Lentine discusses the best techniques to manage admitted student communities with Lougan Bishop, Social Media & Digital Marketing Specialist at Belmont University, Meghan Bates, a student at Texas State U

Providing Training: A New Model

When we are a solo or a small shop, so much of what we do is focused around finding ways to work smarter, saving as much of our time and resources to do the good things our institutions need to move forward.  One of the biggest problems I find is dealing
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