Measurement: Think like an eye doctor

Glasses It's not always easy to measure your impact on an institution or an effort, either individually or as a team. Often, we get so caught up in planning, research, big ideas, and the drama that comes with any job that we lose track of the very simple question - are we making things better?  

So much time and money gets spent trying to track individual efforts to individual outcomes when maybe it would be easier to take a page from your eye doctor's book when he or she puts that 1920's era machine in front of your face, testing different lenses. What question do you hear over and over again? "Is that better, worse, or the same?" With one simple question, your doctor is able to precisely select the lenses that will work for you. Brilliant!

This isn't to say that detailed measurement efforts aren't necessary, but rather that starting with the basic question, "Did I help?" might help provide some good direction and enable you to either change course or press forward before getting bogged down in the detail of precise metrics.

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