Paranormal activity in social media [repost]

In the spirit of the Halloween season, I’m reposting something from a year ago. Enjoy. With Halloween approaching, we’ll soon see kids (and more than a few adults) dressed up as their favorite scary creatures. All manner of make-believe zombies

Overcoming Fear

Terrorists. Security breaches. Zombies. Our media, entertainment, and political figures fixate on imminent perils to captivate audiences. Fear may be a great motivator, but unfortunately it tends to make us feel powerless rather than proficient. Everything

Advancement Live: Excelling in Your Advancement Career

Interested in a higher education fundraising career? Already in development and looking for some career insights? In this edition of Advancement Live (air date 10/28), AJ Davidson, Senior Development Recruiter at the University of Virginia chats with host

Blessed and Privileged Beyond Belief

There was once a time when I was a young kid in the Philippines when my family, four of us, lived in a one bedroom, probably no bigger than  a size of a typical dorm room. I remember my sister and I having to wake up early and take a bath outside, early e

Ten Questions to Ask Before Starting a Brand Strategy Project

Thinking about starting a brand strategy project on your campus? Whether you’ve just started thinking about it or you’re further along in the planning, you and your team should agree on the answers to some important questions. Why? Because tack

Inbound Marketing: the Fine Art of Being Found by and Engaging with Prospective Students

Image Source The definition of inbound marketing continues to be a bit of a moving target these days, with ongoing debate on whether certain types of digital marketing like PPC and opt in email should be considered part of it. Here is Rand Fishkin’s (f

Making #heweb14 Sausage (Not a Sandwich)

On Thursday, I returned from the Higher Education Web Professionals Association (or "HighEdWeb" if you're more into the brevity thing) 2014 Annual Conference (#heweb14) in Portland, OR. This was my third HighEdWeb, after getting the band together at #heweb

Why This Social Media Strategist Doesn’t Worry About Job Security

While browsing LinkedIn this evening, I came across A Requiem for the Social Media Specialist. It’s one of many posts this year that have proclaimed that most everyone with “social media” in their job title will be looking for a job soon