Educating College Trustees

Basically, college governance has three partners – the faculty, the administration, and the trustees. It’s commonly thought to be a kind of “three-leg” stool with each leg required to be strong enough to support the other.

Strategies For Responding To Students on Social Media

When it comes to recruiting new students, what happens on your school’s social media platforms may be just as important as what unfolds on campus. Education market research tells us that 99 percent of universities now use some form of social media. And

Digital marketing (somewhat) defined

I recently ran across a blog post offering the views of several marketers on what digital marketing is. The post features insights from nine marketers who try to describe the essence of digital marketing. It’s interesting to read the different persp

2 Simple Tactics to Try to Convert More of Your Higher Ed Site Visitors to Leads

Source How well do your lead generation forms convert? To explore this question we’ve written a number of posts in the past about lead generation tactics, form best practices and conversion rates. These elements are each a cog in the larger process tha

What Technology Vendors Should Know About Selling in Higher Education

A few times every month, I receive an email or Linkedin message with a request to check out a new web-based platform. There are several amazing products out there designed to increase alumni engagement, help with volunteer or event management, and there ar

Advancement Live Preview: Alumni Association Membership Marketing

Although not every university has a membership driven alumni association, many of the largest schools in the U.S. are recruiting alumni members through creative benefits including, discounts, access to exclusive events and other perks. To market these memb