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How to Communicate with Students

Thursday, June 5th at 1:00pm ETTOPICSocial Media: What is the best way to communicate with students? Facebook engagement is steadily decreasing and Higher Ed pros are desperately seeking the best way to connect and communicate with students? Where do we n

The Campus Visitor Experience and CIVSA

In this segment of Admissions Live (airdate June 2 2014), host Chris D’Orso chats with the executive board from the Collegiate Information & Visitor Services Association live from Chicago on the eve of their 2014 annual conference. Sponsors:Zin

May 2014 Stats

Overall, there was not much change in browser percentages. The largest shift this month was the drop in traffic to and the associated native apps. This can be attributed to the “newness” effect from last month as well as … Contin

BIG NEWS: Higher Ed Live announces new channel, Marketing Live

New show. New hosts. New sponsor. Big news.Leading higher education marketing agency mStoner today added a new channel to its lineup of free professional development web shows serving higher education. Marketing Live will focus on topics in communications

The Homepage is Dead; Long Live the Homepage?

Thursday, May 19, 2014 at 1:00pm ET Broadcasted over Google Plus, On-Air Hangout Conversation: #HigherEdLiveThe Nieman Journalism Lab called last week’s leaked report from the newsroom innovation team at the New York Times “one of the key doc

How to Personalize Your Donor Stewardship Strategies

In this clip from Advancement Live (original air date: 5.27.14), host Ryan Catherwood interviews Heidi Kozuch from the University of Virginia on ways to personalize donor relations efforts during the stewardship process.Questions for Heidi:1) I was amazed

Advancement Live: Campaign Event Strategy – Donor Relations & Stewardship

In this short clip from Advancement Live, host Ryan Catherwood interviews Kenna Boyd at the University of Virginia on crafting a campaign event strategy. Find out what U.Va. does to maximize its time and resources during critical campaign phases. (Original

Advancement Live: Donor Relations Strategy & Presidential Events

Advancement Live host Ryan Catherwood interviews Kenna Boyd from the University of Virginia on the subject of donor relations strategy and events involving the President of the University, Teresa Sullivan. Original air date: 5.27.14.Questions for Kenna:1)

Bigshots vs. Slingshots

No matter what anyone tells you, size matters. It’s a daunting challenge to compete against organizations with more people, more locations, deeper pockets, and a lengthy and successful track record. Being recognized as a “big name” is a tremendous ad