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Favorite Links: November 2013

We’re always in search of fresh thinking on issues that affect nonprofit marketing. Here’s some recent favorites: Why Tablet Magazines Are a Failure Hey, Designers: Stop Trying to Be So Damned Clever Fast Company Design Welcome to Dinovember

Admissions Pros in Web Roles

In this episode of Admissions Live, guest host Chris D’Orso chats with Colleen Brennan-Barry, Vice President of the Higher Ed Web Professionals association.Taken from the live broadcast, November 12, 2013. Topics discussed during the LIVE broadcast i

October 2013 Stats Traffic 1,035,524 views by 311,606 people Browsers IE 30% IE9 13% IE10 11% IE8 5% IE7 1% Safari 28% Chrome 25% Firefox 13% Platforms (Overall) Windows 59% Mac 24% iOS 12% Android 4% Mobile Traffic Total 16% iOS 76% … Continue reading →