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Redesign: Launch, splash, ripple

Every time I see the launch of an ambitious new website, magazine, social media campaign or other design and content-rich platform, I wonder about the maintenance and improvement plan. Yes, I am that much of a geek. I used to question the need for large-

Inchworm innovation

You know how an inchworm crawls right? Flattens out, humps up, flattens out, and so on. Probably not the scientific way to explain it, but I'm going for a visual here. In reading up on today's annoucement of Facebook's new social graph feature, I couldn't

Can vs. should

Strategy is a tricky thing.  Being strategic requires planning. It requires discipline. It requires flexibility. It requires us to ask questions before getting started and, in some cases, saying no. (audible gasp) No matter your area of focus or expertise

So, what you're trying to say is...

Organizations large and small spend an awful lot of time talking. Each one sends out newsletters, magazines, builds and maintains websites, produces videos, generates press releases and crafts talking points. Each one of these efforts, presumably, is mean