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dmolsen commented on Mobile Strategy Is Dead, Long Live Content Strategy on Fri, Feb 24th, 2012
"I guess my main problem is..."

RESS: An Evolution of Responsive Web Design

I gave a talk at RefreshPittsburgh (@refreshpitt) last night that hopefully served as an introduction to RESS and Detector. I believe RESS  can help developers address some of the realities of deploying Responsive Web Design-based sites so it was awesome

ua-parser-php v1.4.0 Released: Easier to Cron, Quick “redirect” Example, and UA updates

I’ve pushed out v1.4.0 of ua-parser-php. ua-parser-php is the PHP library for the official ua-parser project. Why use ua-parser? If you need a simple library to slice & dice user agent strings into understandable components (e.g. browser, OS, dev

The Cautionary Tale of “The Expert Has Spoken:” Jakob Nielsen & the Mobile Site Debate

In higher education we really like “best practices.” We like solutions that are proven and that we can easily implement as we dip our toes into new technologies. I’ve watched this happen with social media and I’m now experiencing it

Detector v0.8.0 Released: Modernizr for Your PHP App Now Cleaner, Leaner, & Meaner

In preparation for some summer projects I cleaned up my PHP & Modernizr-based browser- and feature-detection library, Detector. You can get a taste of what it can do by visiting the feature list page or checking out the RESS template demo. The code and

Help Needed: Reviewing & Updating Detector’s Feature & Test Suite

As I push towards the v1.0 release of Detector I’ve decided to focus on refining the list of tests that form the core of Detector’s ”browser map.” My original listing of tests was cherry-picked from Modernizr’s “build

How to Build a Device Lab [Part 1]

Recently, we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to build a device lab for our department. Stephanie Rieger (@stephanierieger) covers the many reasons why organizations need to get their hands on real devices for testing. As mobile becomes an inc