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dmolsen commented on Mobile Strategy Is Dead, Long Live Content Strategy on Fri, Feb 24th, 2012
"I guess my main problem is..."

Detector v0.8.5 Released: Now Being Used on

With the release of the new home page for West Virginia University Detector is finally being used in production. Unfortunately, there were a few bugs that were uncovered with this move. v0.8.5 fixes these issues and I now feel comfortable most folks can us

Talking Mobile Web Performance & RESS in Smashing Magazine’s “The Mobile Book”

Later this month or in early December you’ll be able to read my contribution to Smashing Magazine’s (@smashingmag) latest printed piece, ”The Mobile Book.” I’m honored to have been asked to join a fantastic line-up of writers

I’ll Be Presenting on RESS at Refresh Pittsburgh Tuesday, May 15th @ 6.30pm

I’ll be speaking at Refresh Pittsburgh (@refreshpitt) next Tuesday, May 15th at 6.30pm. I’m really excited about this talk since it’s about a new technology, Responsive Web Design + Server Side Components (RESS), that I think holds much p

ua-parser-php Now A Part of the Official ua-parser GitHub Repository

For fans of user-agent detection I’m pleased to announce that ua-parser-php, my pseudo-port of the original Python-based ua-parser project, has now been rolled into the official ua-parser repository on GitHub. The official repo now contains JavaScrip

Introducing Detector: Combining Browser- & Feature-Detection for Your Web App

Feb. 21, 2012: v0.5 of Detector was pushed out. Read about the new features. Feb. 27, 2012: A small update, v0.5.1, was made to Detector to clean up PHP Notices as well as add two methods to push Detector data to the browser so the data can be used a l