Philippe Taza
Montreal, Quebec
Digital Analyst
Philippe Taza founded and built Higher Education Marketing, providing digital marketing solutions for colleges and universities.
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Mobile Search Strategies for Student Recruitment

As higher education marketing rapidly goes mobile, colleges and universities are rushing to keep up with the tech preferences and capabilities of their incoming students. According to a recent report by Zinch and Uversity, 97% of teenaged U.S. prospective

Que signifie la perte de popularité de Facebook auprès des adolescents pour votre école?

Alors qu’une nouvelle année débute, la plupart des institutions d’éducation supérieure réévaluent leurs ressources dédiées au marketing sur les réseaux sociaux, se demandant comment en tirer le maximum. Avec un peu plus de 1.2 milliards d’us

PPC for International Student Recruitment

Increasing competition for a shrinking supply of local prospective students has led many colleges and universities to expand their recruitment targeting to the potentially lucrative international student market. Institutions seek the diverse perspectives t

How to Leverage Original Content: A Case Study about Content, Social Media and SEO in Higher Ed

College and university web marketers understand that they have to publish high quality, relevant and original content for their sites to rank highly. They also know that they have to build a strong social media presence that communicates their brand and dr