Philippe Taza
Montreal, Quebec
Digital Analyst
Philippe Taza founded and built Higher Education Marketing, providing digital marketing solutions for colleges and universities.
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“Affordability Content”: How To Convert The Cost-Conscious Lead

There was a time when students approached college primarily as a life experience – an opportunity to explore new concepts, broaden their understanding of the world, and perhaps at some point sharpen their focus long enough to settle on a major. Post

3 Ways A/B Testing Can Boost Your School’s Conversion Rates

Have you ever wondered how things may have turned out if you’d gone with plan B? Perhaps you’ve second-guessed a career move. Or struggled with something as seemingly innocuous as selecting the right date for an important meeting: would Wednesday afte

Les meilleures campagnes visuelles sur Facebook et Instagram

On dit qu’une image vaut milles mots. Sur internet, ce dicton prend tout son sens, puisqu’il s’agit d’une excellente façon d’interagir avec votre public. Sur les réseaux sociaux, les images sont sur le point de prendre le dessus sur le texte. Q