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Senior Director for Strategy
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Thinking About a Website Redesign?

We’re back to school. Fall will officially arrive in a few days. You can’t find a place to park, so you know your campus is in full swing. All that — and you really need to redesign your website. At many colleges and universities, a website redesign

Print and Web: We need both.

Digital is the primary communication platform for most colleges and universities, but there still is an important role for print within an integrated, cross-media approach. The best marketing strategy brings print, web, social, email, and advertising toget

Not just for marketing: Using the .edu web to communicate new student information.

The audiences for .edu websites are many. By common practice, the goal of home and landing pages of .edu sites is marketing to prospective students. No argument from me there. But that’s not what this post is about. Instead, I’d like to emphasize the i